Academic events

Year 2017

  • Two week Clinical Posting in Oncology
  • KGNC BSc Nursing Student - October 2016 to January 2017
  • Vinayaga Mission MSc Nursing Students - January 2017
  • AGP BSc Nursing Students - January 2017

JANUARY:2 Week Clinical Oncology Posting – Vinayaga Mission Nursing College MSc Students.


  • 2 Week Clinical Oncology Posting –AGP Nursing College Students.
  • 2 Week Clinical Oncology Posting- Indrani Nursing College Students.
  • Arogya Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology Student for Observership in Diagnostic Radiology Department.
  • Guest Lecture on Cancer Awareness in Indrani Nursing College on World Cancer Day by Dr. Pooja Sethi. Date : 4.2.2017
  • Oncology Symposium 2017 at PCTH. Date : 11.2.2017
  • Observational Visit and Orientation Programme for Mother Teresa Post graduate and Research Institute of Health Sciences -MSc Nursing Students (a) Date : 24.2.2017


  • Orientation Programme for Vinayaka Mission Nursing Students. Date : 30.3.2017, 31.3.2017
  • Lecture by Dr. Pooja on Current Concepts in Management of Solid Malignancies at GH, Puducherry. Date : 30.3.2017

Year 2016

JANUARY: Cancer-e-bulletin

FEBRUARY: Cancer-e-bulletin

  • Orientation programme for Nursing students from Vinayaga Mission Nursing College - No. of Participants:44.
  • Orientation programme for undergraduate and post graduate form Lakshmi Narayana Medical College - No. of Participants:24.

MARCH: Cancer-e-bulletin

  • Orientation programme for Medical students from Lakshmi Naryana Medical college - No. of Participants:25.
  • Orientation programme for nursing students from Mother Theresa Medical college Karaikal - No. of Participants:100.

Year 2015

FEBRUARY: Dr. Pooja Sethi and Dr. Raja Kumar Selvanathan participated in a live talk show on Cancer organized by Suriyan FM- Puducherry.

MARCH: Continuous Medical Education for Nurses; No. of Participants:75.

JULY: Continuous Medical Education on ONCOLOGY for doctors; No. of Participants:40.

  • Orientation programme for Medical students from France.

AUGUST: Launch of Cancer -E-Bulletin.

SEPTEMBER: Cancer -e- bulletin

OCTOBER: Cancer-e-bulletin

NOVEMBER: Cancer-e-bulletin

  • Orientation programme for nursing students from Manakular Vinayagar Nursing College - No. of students:50.
  • Orientation programme for nursing students from Sabari College of Nusing - No. of Participants:30.

DECEMBER : Cancer-e-bulletin

Year 2014

SEPTEMBER:Orientation Programme for Nursing students from East Coast Nursing College - No. of students:25.

  • Orientation programme for Nursing Students from Vinayaga Mission Nusing College - No. of students:40.